CSSA Training Services Annual Report 2022

CSSA Training Services
In the wake of the delivery of the final IICSA report and further recommendations the CSSA training function addressed the Bishops’ Conference with the aim of highlighting the importance of safeguarding training across all dioceses in England and Wales. To accomplish this, the CSSA have engaged in an exhaustive training needs analysis during the past year and half leading to the creation, testing and further development of role-specific learning modules for Clergy, Volunteers and members of safeguarding teams. Nearly 1500 individuals across 19 different locations received CSSA training over the past year either online or in person. Feedback was collected from these sessions, including seminaries and colleges, to further inform the development of learning modules. Along this path, external providers were accredited to deliver training locally and further engagement was sought from external professionals to complement the collective skills of CSSA staff members. The challenge for the future is to continue with the work done, further developing engagement with the Diocese and improving the existing training products and services provided by the CSSA.

For a copy of the report please contact the CSSA training services at training@catholicsafeguarding.org.uk